University of Calgary

Richard Persons Pharis

  • Professor Emeritus
  • Faculty Professor
  • Integrative Cell Biology

Selected Publications

  • Hays, D.B., R.M. Mandel, R. Zhang and R.P. Pharis. 2007. Changes in levels of gibberellins, their putative conjugates, and ABA in zygotic embryos during late maturation and dry seed stages of Brassica napus cv Topaz. Plant Growth Regul.  
  • Kurepin, LV, RJN Emery, RP Pharis, DM Reid. 2007. Uncoupling light quality from light irradiance effects in Helianthus annuus shoots: putative roles for plant hormones in leaf and internode growth. Journal of Experimental Botany 58(8):2145-2157.
  • Kurepin, LV, LJ Walton, DM Reid, CC Chinnappa, RP Pharis. 2007. Photoperiod, light quality and irradiance effects on flowering in sun and shade ecotypes of Stellaria longipes. Canadian Journal of Botany 85(6):538-544.
  • Kurepin, LV, RJN Emery, RP Pharis, DM Reid. 2007. The interaction of light quality and irradiance with gibberellins, cytokinins and auxin in regulating growth of Helianthus annuus hypocotyls. Plant Cell & Environment 30:147-155. 
  • Pharis RP, RD Guy, SD Mansfield, R Zhang, LV Kurepin, RJN Emery, L Fung, S Hurst, M Turnbull, KL Griffin. 2006. Early identification of inherently rapid stem growth capacity of poplar genotypes for use in afforestation. Invited Poster at “Towards a Sustainable Bioeconomy: Biosphere solutions for energy & the environment. BIOCAP Foundation’s 2nd Natl Conf. Ottawa, 31 Oct/1Nov 2006. 
  • Kurepin, LV, L Mancell, DM Reid, RP Pharis, CC Chinnappa. 2006. Possible roles for ethylene and gibberellin in the phenotypic plasticity of an alpine population of Stellaria longipes. Canadian Journal of Botany 84:1101-1109.
  • Kurepin, LV, LJ Walton, DM Reid, RP Pharis and CC Chinnappa. 2005. Growth and ethylene evolution by shade and sun ecotypes of Stellaria longipes in response to varied light quality and irradiance. Plant Cell & Environment 29:647-652.
  • Sarkar S, MR Perras, DE Falk, R Zhang, RP Pharis and RA Fletcher. 2004. Relationship between gibberellins, height, and stress tolerance in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) seedlings. Plant Growth Regulation. 42:125-135.
  • Kurepin, LV, RP Pharis, DM Reid and CC Chinnappa. 2006. Involvement of gibberellins in the stem elongation of sun and shade ecotypes of Stellaria longipes that is induced by low light irradiance. Plant Cell & Environment 29:1319-1328.
  • Zhou R, Yu M, Pharis RP 2004. 16,17-Dihydro gibberellin A5 competitively inhibits a recombinant Arabidopsis GA 3b-hydroxylase encoded by the GA4 gene. Plant Physiology, 135: 1000-1007.
  • Chien, C.-T., L.-L. Kuo-Huang, Y.-C. Shen, R. Zhang, S.-Y. Chen, J.-C. Yang and R.P. Pharis. 2004. Storage behavior of Chionanthus retusus seed and asynchronous development of the radicle and shoot apex during germination in relation to germination inhibitors, including abscisic acid and four phenolic glucosides. Plant Cell Physiol 45(9):1158-1167. Fei, 
  • H, R. Zhang, R.P. Pharis and V. Sawhney. 2004. Pleiotropic effects of the male sterile 33 (ms33) mutation in Arabidopsis are associated with modifications in endogenous gibberellins, indole-3-acetic acid and abscisic acid. Planta 219: 649-660.
  • Back, T.G.,  M.A.. Bey, M. Parvez and R. P. Pharis .2004. Enantioselective synthesis of the individual stereoisomers of a brassinolide mimetic. Tetrahedron Assymetry 15 (5): 873-880. 
  • Back, T.G. and R.P. Pharis. 2003. Structure-activity studies of brassinosteroids and the search for novel analogues and mimetics with improved bioactivity. J. Plant Growth Regulation . 22: 350-361. 
  • King, R.W., L.T. Evans, L.N. Mander, T. Moritz, R.P. Pharis and B. Twitchin. 2003. Synthesis of gibberellin GA6 and its role in flowering of Lolium temulentum. Phytochemistry 62:77-82.
  • Pereira-Netto, A.B., B.H. McCown and R.P. Pharis. 2003 Inhibition by specific gibberellins of shoot growth of microcultured Hancornia speciosa. Plant Cell Reports 21:491-496.
  • Reinoso, H., C. Dauria, V. Luna, R.P. Pharis & R. Bottini. 2002. Dormancy in peach (Prunus persica (L) Batsch.) flower buds. VI. Effects of gibberellins and an acyclcyclohexanedione (trinexapac-ethyl) on bud morphogenesis in field experiments with orchard trees and on cuttings. Can. J. Botany 80:664-674.192.
  • Reinoso, H., V. Luna, R.P. Pharis and R. Bottini. 2002. Dormancy in peach (Prunus persica (L) Batsch.)  flower buds. V. Correlations between  phenological stages and anatomical development. Can. J. Botany 80:656-663.
  • Back, T.G., L. Janzen, R.P. Pharis and Z. Yan. 2002. Synthesis and bioactivity of C-2 and C-3 methyl ether derivatives of brassinolide. Phytochemistry 59:627-634.
  • Jacobsen, J.V., D.W. Pearce, A.T. Poole R.P. Pharis and L.N. Mander. 2002. Abscisic acid and gibberellin levels associated with dormancy and germination in barley. Physiologia Plantarum 115:428-441.Hays, 
  • D.B., E.C. Yeung and R.P. Pharis. 2002. The role of gibberellins in embryo axis development. J. Experimental Botany, 53:1747-1751.

Research Interests

  • Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, including topics of:
  • Flowering of Plants, Especially Woody Plants
  • Juvenility of Woody Plants
  • Apical Form and Apical Dominance
  • Metabolism of Plant Hormones, Especially the Gibberellins
  • Structure: Function Aspects of the Gibberellins
  • Interaction of the Environment with Plant Growth and Development
  • Physiological Bases of Inherently Superior Growth and Yield
Photograph of Richard Persons Pharis


  • PhD
    Duke University, 1961
  • MSc
    Duke University, 1959
  • BSc
    University of Washington, 1958
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