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Fees & Funding

Graduate Student Fees
Secured Funding for all Graduate Students
Funding Package for Graduate Students not Holding Major Scholarships
External Scholarships
Internal Scholarships

Graduate Student Fees

The Faculty of Graduate Studies administers all fees for MSc and PhD students within the Department of Biological Sciences. For information on fees, including amounts and deadlines, please consult

Secured funding for all graduate students

All students admitted to the Department of Biological Sciences will have secured funding to a minimum level of $21,000 per year.

Duration of Funding:

  • The first two years of a M.Sc. program
  • The first four years of a Ph.D. program
  • The first four years of a combined M.Sc. switching to a Ph.D. program

Funding Package for graduate students not holding major scholarships

All students admitted to the Department of Biological Sciences, who do not hold a major scholarship, will be funded to a minimum of ($21,000/year) through a combination of the following sources of funding:

  • Teaching assistantships GA(T)
  • Research Assistantship (GA(NT))
  • Supervisor’s funding through a Graduate Assistantship (Trust)
  • Scholarships

On admission, highly qualified applicants are eligible on a competitive basis for as Entrance Scholarship award of $6000.

External Scholarships

The external scholarships mainly come from federal or provincial research funding agencies; for the majority of them, you need to apply ahead of time. Note the following important scholarships, listed below with the related web links.

Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures: Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures provides funding to the university to administer and adjudicate the Graduate Student Scholarships program at the University of Calgary. These scholarships supports the highest caliber graduate students conducting research in Information and Communications Technology, Nanotechnology and Omics (Omics consists of: Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Transcriptomics and Regulomics). Refer to the program guidelines and website for more details.

Alberta Innovates Health Solutions: Established by the Government of Alberta, the Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (formerly Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research) supports biomedical and health research at Alberta universities, and other affiliated institutions. AIHS provides a number of scholarships to graduate students.

NSERC Scholarships/ Fellowships:  NSERC is the primary federal agency investing in university research and training in the field of natural sciences and engineering. It supports students, through a number of scholarships and fellowships programs.

ACA Grants in Biodiversity: The Alberta Conservation Association sponsors this program to help increase the knowledge of flora and fauna in Alberta. Students who pursue fieldwork as part of their thesis research should consider applying for this award, which helps cover costs of research.

CIHR: The Government of Canada funds Canadian Institutes of Health Research and it supports researchers and students in universities, teaching hospitals, and research institutes across Canada.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships: The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) provides financial support to Canadian and International students who have achieved exceptional success in their studies and will pursue a doctoral program in a Canadian university. Students must apply to the Canadian university to which they are applying for doctoral studies.

Alberta Cancer foundation Graduate Studentship award: ACF provides stipend support to excellent full-time students currently pursuing masters or doctorate degrees related to cancer research in Alberta.

Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: A limited number of competitive studentships are offered by the foundation each year to highly qualified graduate students. Funding opportunities include training awards, conference travel, research programs, and other grants.

MITACS: MITACS links academia, industry, and the public sector to develop technologies. It offers various programs and workshops. Mitacs-Accelerate connects companies with research-based universities through graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, who apply their expertise to business research challenges.

Operation Wallacea runs yearly grant programme for PhD students. It is intended to allow students to visit their sites and conduct research in summer. The grant will include a flight allowance, accommodation, food, diving if required, use of vehicles and boats, medical and evacuation insurance and basic scientific equipment for the period of the field work.

Internal Scholarships

Various administrative units (Department/Faculty/University) in the university offer internal scholarships. Information on internal scholarships is available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies database:

Department specific internal awards list (for details. please check the graduate awards database):

  • Bettina Bahlsen Memorial Graduate Scholarship
  • Dennis Parkinson Graduate Scholarship
  • Dr. Anthony Russell Distinguished Faculty Achievement Graduate Scholarship in Zoology
  • Graeme Bell and Norma Kay Sullivan-Bell Graduate Scholarship in Biology
  • Gene Huber Graduate Thesis Prize in Biological Sciences
  • Jake Duerksen Memorial Scholarship
  • Jim and Jean Cragg Doctoral Scholarship in Biological Sciences
  • Sharon Wilkens Graduate Scholarship