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Department of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences 186 
University of Calgary
2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 Canada
+1 (403) 220-5261
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What type of graduate degrees does the Biological Sciences Department offer?

We offer thesis (research) based M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in four integrated areas:

The University of Calgary Grad Calendar provides the official requirements that govern your program

Please also visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies (Prospective Students) website for additional information.

What type of research is currently being undertaken in the Department of Biological Sciences?

For a detailed description of each Faculty member's research area, please visit the research web page.

What type of funding is available for my program?

Funding may be available through a variety of sources, like scholarships (NSERC, MRC, AHFMR, Alberta Ingenuity, etc), Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships, Supervisor's research grants, etc. Awards information can be found at the following web address: Please also check the funding page to get further information.

How much tuition can I expect to pay for my program?

Please refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Tuition and Fees web page for details.

Please note: all amounts are approximate, and subject to change without notice.

Where do I find information as an International Student?

The international student handbook  is intended as a resource for all newly admitted international students both graduate and undergraduate. It contains information about applying for appropriate immigration documents, off-campus or on campus housing, airport reception, orientation sessions, and much more. Content can be seen at:

How long will it take to complete my graduate degree?

The maximum allowable time to complete a M.Sc. degree is four years, although normal expectations are that all degree requirements will be completed within 1.5 to 3 years.

The maximum allowable time to complete a Ph.D. degree is six years, although normal expectations are that all degree requirements will be completed within three to four years.

More Information

If you have any questions, which are not covered in this section, please contact:

Ms. K. Barron
Graduate Administrator
Department of Biological Sciences
Ms. C. Goodwin
Graduate Administrator Assistant