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Department of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences 186 
University of Calgary
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Integrative Cell Biology

 Integrative Cell Biology
Chair:  Dr. Carrie Shemanko
Dr. Heather Addy - Biology of root endophytic fungi and plant-fungal symbioses; science education. Dr. Dave Hansen - Genetic analysis of stem cell self renewal; Negative regulation of Notch signaling.
Dr. Andre Buret - Immunopathogenesis of infectious diseases, apoptosis, cytokines and inflammation. Dr. Douglas Muench - Molecular/cell biology of mRNA localization and the cytoskeleton; translational control.
Dr. Gordon Chua - Functional genomics in fission yeast. Deciphering biological networks of gene regulation and genetic interactions. Dr. Richard Pharis - Developmental physiology of plant growth and differentiation; gibberellins and flowering.
Dr. John Cobb - Mammalian developmental biology. Role of homeodomain transcription factors in patterning the mouse embryo with an emphasis on limb development and the control of gene expression. Dr. Marcus A. Samuel - Plant reproductive development-cellular signaling during pollen-pistil interactions; Plant stress signaling and crop improvement.
Dr. Constance Finney - Improving our understanding of how the immune system copes with multiple infections at the same time, known as co-infection. Host-pathogen interactions. Dr. Carrie Shemanko - Mammary gland development and breast cancer; prolactin Jak-Stat signaling; mammary epithelial stem cell biology.
Dr. Corey Flynn - Neuroscience and Physiology Education. Electrophysiology, neuroanatomy, ion channel expression and function. Dr. Doug Syme - Comparative muscle, locomotor physiology.
Dr. Lashitew Gedamu -Molecular Biology of Leishmania: Functional studies and stage specific regulation of genes involved in Leishmania survival and pathogenesis. Evaluation of Leishmania Vaccine Candidate Genes. Dr. Matt Vijayan - Stress Physiology; Maternal stress effects on developmental programming; Environmental physiology and toxicology; Comparative endocrinology; endocrine disruption.
Dr. Cindy Graham - Plant hormone metabolism and stress responses; Natural Science Education. Dr. Wic Wildering - Cellular and molecular foundation of neuronal aging and age-associated learning and memory impairment. Cell adhesion mechanisms and their role in the regulation of inflammation, nervous system function and repair
Dr. Hamid Habibi - Molecular endocrinology; Pharmacology and environmental toxicology. Dr. Ed Yeung- Structural, physiological and biochemical ontogeny of plant embryogenesis,